Every new day is a chance to change your life


Seeking outside support can be one of the most life changing experiences that will ultimately help you discover your true self. Therapy allows you to explore who you, uncover strengths and learn new skills that allow you to deal with challenges in your life. To experience ultimate happiness, one must start by loving themselves. We cannot erase the past, but we can start with what we have now and redesign the life we want to live.


Dr. Janice Avalone, Psy.D, LMFT

I am passionate about helping guide each individual’s journey towards building emotional confidence and developing healthy relationships. As a licensed psychotherapist providing individual and family counseling, my education includes a Masters and Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and The Chicago School of Psychology. My everyday includes working with children, adolescents, and families in a private practice as well as a school counseling setting and raising two girls of my own. With fifteen years of experience, I understand the complexity of the relationship dynamic and emotional struggles that can be challenging in the peer world. I emphasize the importance of self- awareness, social emotional connection and mindfulness. These elements are the key to addressing our mind-body connection.

Through my own personal growth, I continue to work on wellness. For me, keeping my life balanced is one of the most important aspects that takes a skillset and practice. My weekly regimen includes a love of running, yoga, meditation, and artistic outlets such as painting. Everyday there is something or someone that can throw you out of balance and without a full toolset we are vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and a sense of lost purpose.

Do you feel like you want to make changes in your life? Learn to free yourself from the barriers that prevent you from reaching your true sense of happiness. Calm the expectations of others and start living the life you have imagined.

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