Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are

Brene Brown

Therapy services include:

• Anxiety Disorders
• Depression
• Teen Counseling
• Parenting/Co-Parenting
• Child Play Therapy
• Sexual + Gender Identity

• Behavioral Therapy for Children
• Conflict Resolution
• Stress Management
• Self Esteem + Body Image
• Grief + Loss
• Women’s Issues
• Trauma

Empowerment Coaching

In the complexity of today’s world, challenges with low self esteem, relationship conflicts, and poor body image can arise. The intensity of daily pressures, social media messages, and competitive conflicts are likely contributors to the recent increase in anxiety and mood disorders. Studies show that developing self-awareness increases healthy relationships and a higher degree of positive self-worth.


• Self-acceptance
• Self-confidence
• Self-esteem
• Positive relationships
• Better communication skills
• Understanding choices and consequences
• Future planning and vision

Teen/Tween Coaching

The teenage years can be a challenging stage of life. As adolescents attempt to find their place in the world, while experiencing emotional and physical changes, their life can often seem overwhelming. The social media world has created a stressful environment that can be viewed as an added complication. In the midst of this landscape, young people often need guidance recognizing their own skills and strengths while developing their core-self. My fifteen plus years of experience in a school environment has provided me with a unique skillset to serve this subset of clients. Uncovering what makes an individual unique, discovering gifts and talents, and learning to manage emotions is the roadmap we will follow on our journey together.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a communication tool to better understand the child’s world. It involves the use of play in a relaxed environment to help the child express their feelings and foster positive behaviors. Through play therapy, children learn self control techniques, understand their sense of self and how to advocate for their needs,